History Quiz ssc

Question 1

What was the capital of uttar pradesh before 1920?

Question 2

The Taj Mahal is called ‘a dream in marble’. Which monument is called as ‘a dream in stone’?

Question 3

In the following option, match the correct emperor to their building
1. Babur
2. Akbar
3. Shah Jahan
List of Buildings
(i) Moti Masjid
(ii) Jamali Mosque
(iii) Agra Fort

Question 4

What was belonging from “Sangam literature”?

Question 5

Name the British General who was responsible for the Jalliawalla Bagh massacre.

Question 6

Which one among the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Question 7

The divison of Buddhist into Hinayana and Mahayana occurred in which Buddhist council?

Question 8

Subhas Chandra Bose was born in the year _____.

Question 9

Match the following

Question 10

Which of the following was the capital of famous Vajji kingdom in ancient India?


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