SSC CGL 2018 Chemistry Question Series Part I

Which enzyme helps in conversion of glucose to ethyl alcohol?Zymase
Nitrous Oxide is also known as _______. Laughing Gas
____________ is a process of applying zinc coating to steel or iron in order to protect it from rusting. Galvanization
 Which acid is present in Red Ants?Formic Acid
Who had introduced the concept of the ph scale? S.P.L Sorenson
Deuterium Oxide is also known as _______. Heavy Water
 What is the Chemical Name of Alum?Potassium Aluminium Sulphate{KAl(SO4)2.12H2O}
 Sodium Nitrate (NaNO3) is also known as_________.Chile SaltPetre
 What are the monomers of Nylon 66?Adipic Acid + Hexamethylene Diamine
 What is the formula for the water gas?CO + H2
What is the common name of hydrogen peroxide? Bleach
 During the bond formation, the energy of the system __________. Decreases
The colour of the pages of the old books becomes brownish because of __________________.Oxidation
What is also known as Baeyer’s reagent?Alkaline Potassium Permanganate
 In 18 Carat Gold, the content of gold is ____.75%
German Silver contains which metals?Copper, Zinc & Nickel
 To galvanize Iron, which metal is used?Zinc
 ______________ is the purest form of Iron.Wrought Iron
 What is also known as Brown Coal? Lignite
 Siderite is an ore of which metal? Iron
 What is also known as the wood spirit? Methyl Alcohol
Which term is used to express the quality of Petrol?Octane Number
 Hydrochloric Acid is also known as ___________. Muriatic Acid
 Which gas is filled in air balloons?Helium
 What is the main constituent of Biogas? Methane
 What is the main constituent of air? Nitrogen
Which gas is also known as marsh gas?methane
 Who discovered the Hydrogen?Cavendish
Hydrogen Bomb is based on the principle of ___________.Nuclear Fusion
what is chemical name of the lime water?calcium Hydroxide


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