SSC CGL 2018 Geography Question Series Part I

World’s longest sandstone cave is discovered in which Indian State?Meghalaya
Krem Puri, World’s longest sandstone cave, lies in  __________ hills.East Khasi  (Near Mawsynram )
What will be the venue for 36th International Geological Congress (IGC) in 2020?New Delhi
Namdapha National park is located in which state?Arunachal Pradesh
Which Indian state is the largest producer of Tobacco?Andhra Pradesh
_________ separates Little Andaman & Car Nicobar.10-degree channel
 Valley Of Flowers is located in which Indian state?Uttarakhand
 Which is the longest river in peninsular India?Godavari
 Where are the Pir Panjal ranges located?Jammu & Kashmir
 Which country is the largest producer of Rubber in the World?Thailand
 The northern part of Eastern Coastal plain is also known as ___________ .Utkal Plains
Lakshadweep Islands are located in _______. Arabian Sea
Kanchenjunga is located in which state of India? Sikkim
Gibson desert is located in which country?Australia
Where are the Mishimi Hills located?Arunachal Pradesh
 For which metal are Balaghat Mines are famous? Copper
 Which is the highest peak in the eastern ghats? Mahendragiri
Which state has the largest population of Scheduled Tribes?MP
 Maikala ranges are situated in _____.Chhatisgarh
Which passage separates South Andaman & little Andaman?Duncan Passage
 In which city, Indian Botanical Garden is located? Kolkata
Where is Chota Nagpur plateau located?Jharkhand
The vernal equinox occurs on which date?21st March
Which is the highest peak in south India?Analmudi
 Which state is the largest producer of sugarcane in India?Uttar Pradesh
 Where is Nag Tibba peak located?Uttarakhand
Titan is a satellite of which planet?Saturn
Bandipur National Park is located in____.Karnataka
Which mountain pass connects Leh and Srinagar?Zojilla Pass
Which state is the largest producer of tea?Assam


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