SSC CGL 2018 History Question Series Part I

Hunsgi, an important site related to Palaeolithic age, is located in which state?Karnataka
Bhimbetka, an important Paleolithic site, is located in which indian state?Madhya Pradesh
 The bronze statue of Dancing Doll is related to which Harrapan site?Mohenjodaro
Mehrgarh which, an important Neolithic site is located in which country?Pakistan
The wheel was discovered in which prehistoric age? Neolithic Age
Along the bank of Tigris & Euphrates river which civilization existed?Mesopotamian Civilization
Chinese Civilization existed along the bank of which river? Huang Ho
Who discovered the Harrapan, one of the Indus sites?Dayaram Sahni
Who discovered Mohenjodaro, one of the famous Indus sites?RD Bannerjee
Which civilization was the first to grow cotton in the world? Indus Valley Civilization
The dockyard was found at which Harrapan Sites?Lothal
Among the four Vedas which one is the oldest? Rigveda
It is widely accepted, that the Aryans came from  _________? Central Asia
 The animal figure, which was commonly found at the Harrapan Sites?Unihorn Bull
Great Granary is related to which Indus Valley Sites? Mohenjodaro
What were the major crops of Indus Valley Civilization?Wheat & Barley
Which Harrapan Site was related to the Black Bangle factory?Kalibangan
 Which Indus Valley Civilization site was excavated first?Harrapa
Stone Water reservoir was found at which Harrapan Indus Site? Dholavira
 The Great Bath is related to Which Indus Site?  Mohenjodaro
 At which Indus Site, traces of lipstick was found?Chanhudaro
Alamgirpur, One of the sites from Indus Valley Civilization, is located at the bank of which river?Hindon
 Indus Valley Civilization is also known as ______?Harrapan Civilization
 Lothal is located at the bank of which river?Bhogva River
Mohenjodaro is also known as__________? The mound of the Dead
Harrapa is located at the bank of which river? Ravi
 Kalibangan is located in which Indian state? Rajasthan
Which was only Harrapan Site without a citadel?Chanhudaro
 Pabumath, one of the Indus Sites, is located in which state?Gujarat
Mohenjodaro was located at the bank of which river?Indus
 Rupar is located in which Indian state? Punjab


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